ZZIV: modern functional metal art  by: tw

ZZIV's Accolades

7/1/2015 Winner of Burlington, WI "Park in the Art"

8/30/2013 Walworth County Fair

Grand Champion- ZZIV Shadow Gate Lamp & Stand

Grand Champion- ZZIV Crane Lamp

Grand Champion- ZZIV Swirly B Bridge Board Bench

1st Place- ZZIV Stainless Steel 5 Circles Chair

1st Place- ZZIV Stainless Steel & Glass Blast off Table

10/25/2012 Design Quest Global Furniture Competition

Finalist- ZZIV 5 Circle Recline Chair

Finalist- ZZIV Tri-Tower Chair

see all the finalists here: 2012 Design Quest

8/30/2012 Walworth County Fair

1st Place- ZZIV Dragster Heel Business Card Holder

1st Place- ZZIV Hipnic Snowboard Picnic Table

1st Place- ZZIV 5 Circles Recline Chair

Grand Champion- ZZIV Tri-Tower Chair

8/28/2012 Walworth County Fair

3rd Place- ZZIV "A Wheelbarrel & his Dog" Photo

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