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  ZZIV produces custom limited edition pieces of functional art. The idea is to match form with function, exceed every standard on quality and offer a limitless life expectancy from each piece.  Keep an eye out for this page to expand, more items will be added as they are developed, as well as prototypes to get an idea on where ZZIV is going next.

  From the stainless 3' x 5' hanging pot/pan rack light fixture to the five circle table , tri tower chair, flower vases,  aluminum snowboard picnic tables, even a fully automated BMX Pro Start Racing Start Gate. You will see ZZIV covers a lot of ground, yet never fail to impress.

  Please check out the slide show or the Photobucket link above to see what ZZIV has already produced. All items shown are one off prototypes, if you see something you must have that is not on Etsy, fill out the contact form, via the link to the left, for pricing and availability.

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